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HELMET’s Page Hamilton to launch “Monumental Art Collection” in May…

from The ROCK FATHER Magazine


One of my favorite guitarists of all-time is PAGE HAMILTON, and that should come as no surprise seeing as his band HELMET is one of my top five favorite bands of all-time. Hamilton has also been involved in the art game for a bit, and on May 1st, “A Monumental Art Collection from Page Hamilton” will launch, and it’s being called “abstract, vivid and built from guitar.”

Helmet’s Page Hamilton Turns His Rig into Modern Art



One of my all-time favorite guitarists, songwriters, and composers is Page Hamilton from Helmet. They seem to have dropped out of the lexicon of great bands these days, but in the 90’s, they were making some of the most interesting, out-there music, including great albums like Meantime and Betty.

Although Helmet are back to playing shows these days, it seems as though Page is equally busy doing other weird shit with his gear. Namely, he is in the midst of turning a bunch of his old guitars and rigs into abstract visual art, for some sort of upcoming, TBA-show in May.

HELMET’s PAGE HAMILTON On Creating Artwork From Guitar Performance



On May 1, HELMET leader Page Hamilton will unveil an art collection from a new medium, guitar performance.

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In a January 2012 interview, Hamilton stated about his musical upbringing: “I’m 51 years old and I’ve been playing for 35 years. I got a guitar when I was 17, and fell in love with it in hindsight. I knew that when I went to college that I wanted to be a musician. I went to a community college and learned how to read music, and then I started studying classical guitar, jazz guitar right away. Then, I auditioned at the University of Oregon. I finished out my degree, then I moved to New York, and got my master’s degree in jazz guitar, and formed HELMET in 1989.”

While non-aficionados may not hear the jazz aspect in the band’s latest album, 2010’s “Seeing Eye Dog”, Hamilton said it’s there.

“What people make the mistake of is saying, ‘Well, I don’t hear jazz.’ I’m not playing jazz,” he said. “It’s not jazz. But I can hear the jazz influences. Name me one other band on the planet that’s using a major-7 sharp 11 chord with a 13 in the chorus. None. This is my tuning. None. I guarantee it.”

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Collection1: HELMET the 20th Anniversary Project

Reserve yours – – For the 20th anniversary of the legendary rock band HELMET, Page Hamilton designed by hand 200 unique canvases featuring photos and symbols of his own life into the artwork combined with lyrics from his band’s catalog. The result is a remarkable project currently available to HELMET fans worldwide.